The Team

Nikolaus A. Schaefer, Founder   

Nick is a Swiss and Italian national, born 1968.


  • MSc from ETH Zürich in Mathematics, Computer Science and Biophysics.
    Thesis with Nobel laureate Prof. Wüthrich on NMR Protein Analysis software.
  •  MA from HSG Universität St. Gallen in International Relations, Government, International Law, Resource Economics, Finance and Investment Policy Management.
    Thesis on Venture Capital investments in PR of China.
  • Associates Degree in Mandarin Chinese from the PRC government think tank CASS, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, in Beijing
  • FRM Financial Risk Management charter holder certified by GARP, the Global Association of Risk Professionals

Nick has been active in energy markets and finance since 1995.

  • Financing power plants and power grids in all continents with ABB Energy Ventures
  • Global business development for machinery companies
  • Founder, Head and investor of the CHF 1 billion alternative assets portfolio of SUVA, the Swiss Government Accident Insurance, managing investments in private equity, venture capital, hedge funds and high yield debt
  • Restructured CHF 5 billion of emerging markets debt for SUVA
  • Head portfolio management at Credit Suisse Fides
  • International fundraising services with WJHopper Bank
  • Public speaker on true cost comparison of energy sources

    Youtube XNRG GmbH

  • Founder and CEO of XNRG GmbH


Solaris is our Turkish project development partner.




FirstClimate is one of our partners in the Carbon Asset development space.



William J. Hopper

Will Hopper has written one of the best accounts of Good Management and Social Responsibility we know about. We are lucky to count him and his 60 years of banking and management experience as our friend.

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